Fabrication:Tissé main / Type:klim / Composition:Pure laine / Dimensions:140x 99 poids:2kg / Origine:Kairouan (Tunisie)

Manufacturing: Handwoven

Type: Klim

Composition: Pure wool

Dimensions: 140 x 99 cm

Approximate thickness: 5 mm

Weight: 2 Kg

Origin: Kairouan (Tunisie)

Shipped within 48 hours

Carpet Kilim "Tozeur"



6000 points
255 points
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The carpet "Tozeur" is a type of weaving klim flush weaving wool, traditionally made by the nomads of Southern Tunisia. Formerly used to cover litters on camels or to serve as a separation in pure wool tentes.Garantie sole authentic and quality.


The crossroads of civilizations and land meeting of, Tunisia has always been renowned for its weavings. In the Vth century BC Greek poets AV already rented rugs and tapestries of Carthage. In the first century of Islam Aghlabid emirate of Kairouan paid tribute to the suzerainty of the Caliph of Baghdad partly in carpets and tapestries. Later travelers have reported the use of several varieties of weaving in the palace, dwellings, and among tribes, such as floor mats, saddle pads, rugs Hammam, the sofa carpet, etc.

Steeped in tradition, but also open to external contributions, this know-how developed in the XIX century during a typical Tunisian weaving inspired by oriental carpets and impregnated customs and regional, traditional and ethnic, while meeting the daily needs and sometimes combining several functions.


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